Afraid of dogs? Hug a puppy


Hi all, this is Angeliki from treat2treat. Can i share a secret with you? At some point in my life i was afraid of dogs, not all of them, just Dobermann. My blood was getting cold every time i was seeing one. I can’t recall what made me fear them at the first place but i clearly remember the night i started feling comfortable around one. Irma, a 2 year old was living with a friend of mine. One day i visited them and decided to deal with my phobia. I spent almost 24 hours with them. At first Irma understood my fear through my hormones she could smell and she kept a distance. We took her out for a walk and at the elevator she was afraid because she wasnt used to use one. I tried to comfort her and there was our little break of ice. We had fun at the walk, i had her on the leash, rewarding her, she was trying to make a connection with me as well, mainly eye contact and when we returned home she took a place next to me. During the night she was by my side,  sleeping but waking up on my every move. After that doberman were not giving me cold feet anymore. Can’t think of yourself in this position and still feeling fear and nervous around dogs? Check out this fantastic video with people who feared dogs, were being blindspoted and suddenly had puppies on their knees.


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